The school lays great emphasis on curricular activities. They form an integral part of the school curriculum. Following are the activities that are organized-

Science Club

It’s object to popularize and create interest in scientific learning. It also celebrates the science week every year with seminar, quizzes etc.

Scouts and guides

Scouts and guides facilitates students to develop the feeling of co-operation discipline dedication and responsibility among the student.

Debates and Declamations

Debates and Declamations Contests are held at regular intervals.

Tours and Visits

Students from classes Senior go for educational tours. Student also visits historical place of repute from time to time.


The school celebrates religious festivals like Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Id, Christmas Day & Gurunanak Birthday etc. and national festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day.


Trained music teacher teaches students to play Guitar, Violen, Tabla & Congo etc. Students can also learn classical singing.