Jagriti Vidya Mandir School

Dear Parents / Guardians / Well Wishers,

Warm greetings from Jagriti Group of family. At JAGRITI GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, we are committed to go beyond imparting curriculum as we build lives. We know that in today’s world, Education without industry input and exposure is incomplete, no matter how the quality of textbooks are. Hence, we are constantly increasing the industrial exposure quotient of our curriculum.

As an independent, comprehensive institute, we offer our students purposeful learning backgrounds of many ages for their whole lives. Jagriti Group advances the practical and professional relevance of the liberal learning tradition.

In short, we assume that one’s field of work in this world should be the primary concern for an educated person. Our students do not have to choose between the breadth of liberal learning and the depth of professionalism. We know that a truly educated professional needs both. We believe that our students should be one step ahead of others when they graduate, and our commitment is to ensure that no stone is left unturned in this regard. Firmly entrenched in the inclusive values of the Jagriti Group, our students will have the experience to face life’s challenges confidently, whether it is professional or ethical. India shall be built on the shoulders of such pillars who are the future of India, and each JVM student will thus be a core part of our nation’s growth. Once again, we welcome you to join the JAGRITI GROUP OF family on this journey onward and upward.

I wish each one of you a very fruitful year 2024-25.



Mr.Bharat Sharma