Bharat Sharma

Hello everybody

Being the director of this prestigious educational institution named Jagriti Group of Education I thank everybody who co-opened and helped us in the betterment and up liftmen of the institution which i feel is in budding stage . A lot of efforts have to be done so that the school may be graded at first rank in the city and state and serve the society for this i keep some points in my mind as follows .

A -strategic vision we focused on the-strategic vision and long term missions of the institution . The employees rely on leaders to achieve the early plans and long term success.

B- Dedication and Commitment : When the director is committed and enthusiastic about admin recruitment agencies or organization mission the employees will mirror such feeling. In crisis great administrators remind then staff of the purpose of the mission and significance of their organization in the larger society

C- Attention to Details-It is extremely vital for a director to pay attention to details, they need not involve in every small or minor decision but they must be aware of activities of the employees and current status of projects.

D- Conceptual Skill- An administrator must always be able to witness how one decision or action affects every part of the organization . A person holding the post must see the whole organization.

E-Dedication Delegating Responsibilities and tasks empowers employees to grow their positions and prepare for future leadership positions.

F-Proper selection of employees and take advantages of others experience and experiments is also a quality of good administration

G-Cultivate Talent-A good administrator can save a lot of money by as cultivating talents in him/her among own employees.

H- Balanced Emotions, he/she must have also digital communication knowledge.

Director of an educational institution one who directs such a group of administrative unit such as an educational group finance company, or film malcimp or drama company has some basic static and qualities at is both a science and art.